After a few months off I was able to sit down with the one and only "TimbofromKeno" AKA Tim Baltes. Tim and I had an amazing conversation about his "Go to gear", what he would play if the Stones asked him to sit it. He wisely takes us through philosophy on creating content for everyone to watch and consume, and have a laugh doing it. We discuss so many things, and about where he's at right now with work, and life. Tim lets us know this is the best Podcast he has ever been on!... ever!!! 

Sam Ward and I sat down and met over some drinks virtually the other day. We quickly got to know each other had an amazing discussion about Sam's history growing up in Boston and his education at Berkley school of music and how if formed him to the drummer he is today! We discuss if moving to a music city is better than getting a proper music education, and how far will  it take you.  Of course we talk about Gear, and what Sam plays. And, we bounce back and forth on the idea of Pop drummer disappearing and if thats ultimately hurting the music we listen too! 

Nashville Drummer Kirby Bland Takes us through his journey starting from a small town in Arkansas to being a working, Touring, Session Drummer in Nashville. We go off on the Importance of being NICE and what his favorite gear is and why! Kirby takes us through his life changing experiences at the Vegas in 2017 festival shooting, and major head surgery in 2020. And we finish with a funny TMI story about my bloody nose experience! 

Mark and Chris Sit down and reflect on Marks journey from south eastern Michigan working drummer to studio and touring drummer, Music supervisor, Audio operator and creator based in LA. Mark fills us in about his current projects Josie Pace and Laith Al-Saadi (The Voice, NBC). We talk about Marks gear, how he fell into field Audio for the TV show Start Up (PBS), Why he moved to LA in the first place, the Education from the retail world, 15 inch floor toms!, and his absolute Love for the Splash cymbal! 

Raleigh North Carolina based Drummer Alex Jolly Talks about his Journey and becoming the beast he is today!  We discuss how his Dad started him on his path of vintage Ludwigs and how Not attending Berkley was the best thing for him.  How does he balance 3 working bands, a full time job, Teaching, and relationships? ..... the answer...."you just gotta get after it" 

Dale takes us through his life from Starting in Branson, to North Texas University, to platinum selling band "Sixpence None the Richer", and how he landed in Durham North Carolina. He talks about his struggles and accomplishments throughout the years of studio and theater gigs, as well as the "music business" and his former bands. And he tells us how he self-reflected several times throughout life and finally remembered why he originally wanted to be a drummer.

Bass Drum Sliding forward? Not anymore! Wes Keely Solved a classing Drummer problem with KBrakes. Wes and I talk about where the idea came from and what it took to get KBrakes where it is today. We talk about the hunt for the perfect splash, his years of touring at an early age, Why he plays his crash differently, His go to gear, our shared experiences in college, and finally the Brake the Hate Campaign. 

Southeastern Michigan's own Brian Smith talk to me about how he became "Super B".  We talk about how he overcame major injuries to his hands, using Jiu Jitsu and becoming heathy, ultimately letting his body and mind heal. We talk about how Years of music retail (and a lot of energy drinks) helped him become a better drummer, our Love for Meijer, and finally why knowing Your groove is so important! 

The Nashvilledrumcoach himself talks LP Hacks, Growing up in Tulsa then moving to Nashville. We talk about his gear and how he loves making inexpensive drums sound perfect! We go on a beautiful tangent discussion about Race and Faith. And we wrap it up with a Chops vs. Jobs discussion and a "Does this spark joy?" mentality. This convo was special and Fun, I can't wait for an evening of Hot Chicken! 

Nathan talk about how he switched from a touring drummer to a Crew guy and producer/engineer and what sound guys want to hear from a Drummer! We talk about being at the Vegas festival shooting in 2017, Star Wars Legos, Beer, and Drums! Also..... he made me bleed my own blood once.

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