Southeastern Michigan's own Brian Smith talk to me about how he became "Super B".  We talk about how he overcame major injuries to his hands, using Jiu Jitsu and becoming heathy, ultimately letting his body and mind heal. We talk about how Years of music retail (and a lot of energy drinks) helped him become a better drummer, our Love for Meijer, and finally why knowing Your groove is so important! 

The Nashvilledrumcoach himself talks LP Hacks, Growing up in Tulsa then moving to Nashville. We talk about his gear and how he loves making inexpensive drums sound perfect! We go on a beautiful tangent discussion about Race and Faith. And we wrap it up with a Chops vs. Jobs discussion and a "Does this spark joy?" mentality. This convo was special and Fun, I can't wait for an evening of Hot Chicken! 

Nathan talk about how he switched from a touring drummer to a Crew guy and producer/engineer and what sound guys want to hear from a Drummer! We talk about being at the Vegas festival shooting in 2017, Star Wars Legos, Beer, and Drums! Also he made me bleed once.

April 22, 2021

Episode 5 Scott Pellegrom

Scott talks about how Fishing, Foraging, and how being outside makes him be a better Human and a better Drummer. He hints at upcoming things he's doing! We talk drummer flip flop and hoodie business ideas. And Finally the point to all this is... Don't be a ............!

Mateo and Chris Talk about Playing everyday you can and wherever you can, reversing his rack Toms to break his "fills" up, showing his "big hands" to everyone in the room, And how important showing Love and giving Hugs are important to the human race! and Beards.

Jeremy and I talk about His New Adventure into Drum Building, His bands Blue October and Harvard of the South, How he got started, Our love for Yamaha, Getbackup.TV, And how we could get an Oreo Placement! 

Adam and Chris Talk about being a "working drummer", Weekend Warrior, Being a Left handed drummer, Having a supportive spouse, and serving the song while not over playing 

February 26, 2021

Episode 1 Drew Orton

Chris and Drew Talk about Growing up, Developing drums with singer songwriters, Human trafficing, and BMX accidents! 

Hello Everyone! 

This is Not really the First Episode of "Boom Chuck" but really a "Hello, How are you? My name in Chris" Sorta Episode. Im talking about my plans for the podcast and the gear I play, and a quick background of who I am! Thanks and Hope to have Episodes up soon! Enjoy! 

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